Scientists have found a ‘special weakness’ of coronavi*rus

Russian scientists claim they have found a “special weakness” in the coronavi*rus. According to Sputnik News, scientists at the Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology in Novosibirsk, Siberia, claim that water alone can stop the growth of the coronav*irus.

Studies have also shown that coronaviru*ses cannot breed in salt water. However, it may remain active for a while. The lifespan of the vi*rus depends on the temperature of the water at that time. Scientists say that even in this type of water, Bhai * Ras dies quickly.

According to a report published in Sputnik, scientists have found that in the first 24 hours, about 90 percent of the coronavi*rus material dies when it comes in contact with water kept at room temperature. And about 99.9 percent died in 72 hours. Scientists further claim that the coronav*irus is completely and instantly wiped out when it comes in contact with boiling water.

Russia’s consumer protection agency Raspotrebnadzor has revealed this startling information provided by researchers.

The vaccine, developed by the Moscow-based Gamelia Institute, claims to be the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, and a hospital has listed health workers for the vaccine. Government officials have also received vaccination letters as volunteers, the New York Post reported.

The vaccine, co-produced by the Gamelia Institute with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, will be registered this month on the condition that more than 1,800 people be tested. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova told President Vladimir Putin on July 29 that production of the vaccine would begin in September.

Russia, meanwhile, claims to have discovered the world’s first 100 percent successful vaccine for coronavi*rus. The country is claiming its success in August after first announcing the vaccine in July. It is also known that the vaccine will be administered to the general population of Russia from October. Besides, preparations are being made to make lakhs of doses of vaccine in 2021.

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